Simply Curated 221 - Sage + Cedar

Simply Curated 221 - Sage + Cedar


These beautiful 100% soy wax candles come in gorgeous cocktail glasses with 22k gold. Unlike most candles these come in a luxurious 12 oz soy candle which can be enjoyed for 75 hours or a 9oz candle that will burn for 60 hours. Savour the crackle of the clean burning wooden wick and soy wax.

When the candle is finished, you can reuse the beautiful glass. Simply hand wash with warm water and use for your favourite drink or as a glamourous storage container for your makeup brushes etc. 

All candles comes in a luxury black & gold box perfect for gift-giving, or keeping all to yourself.

Select from 8 different fragrances:

Grapefruit Bergamot fragrance is an uplifting and popular choice. Awaken your senses with the fresh scent of pure grapefruit and lemon oils blended beautifully with spicy-sweet bergamot.

Guava Fig fragrance is a modern blend of apple, cassis (black current) and guava with notes of fig and pear. The result is a luxurious scent combination of fruitiness and woodiness.

Oakmoss & Leather is a sophisticated blend, carefully crafted with notes of black peppercorn, patchouli, musk and citrus. Descibed by customers as smelling like a "sexy man".

Coconut Shea is the delicate scent of coconut blended with sensual sandalwood and rich, creamy shea butter. 

Sage + Cedar is an earthy, woodsy and exotic blend of cedar, sage and coriander.

Cucumber Sweetgrass is a fresh, uplifting and refreshing scent of crisp cucumber blended with cut sweetgrass and green notes. 

Vanilla Lavender is a classic and soothing blend of fresh-picked lavender and warm vanilla with notes of refreshing eucalyptus. 

Smoke + Embers embodies warm memories of a summer campfire into a glass. Warm burning woods blended with vanilla and raspberry. 


  • 100% soy wax that is grown in the USA

  • Burn time: 12oz lasts 75 hours or 9oz lasts 60 hours

  • Dermatologically tested, skin safe

  • Domestically sourced wood wicks

  • 100% phthalate free

  • Lower melting point, will not burn or stain if spilled

  • Poured into a 12 oz or 9oz rocks glass

  • Screenprinted with 22k gold

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