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A few years ago I began my blog The Local Rose to get closer to the earth and all its beauty. This desire led me on a journey that included solitary walks in forests, swimming in clean seas, and meditation through my Kundalini yoga practice. What came to me one day, after a moment of stillness, was a message. The message was to bring beauty and luminosity to women in a way that was nourishing and nurturing.
So many products women consume, even some that claim to be all natural, contain harmful and toxic ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ, and therefore what we put on our bodies and face literally gets absorbed directly through contact. My skin care line is 100% toxic free, and without any chemicals. The rose face serum was created to bring radiance and nourishment to the face. It is made with loving intentions and in small batches to insure it’s optimal integrity.
I use all natural ingredients some that are harvested locally and some that herald from my favorite sacred places. Kukui nut oil from the island of Kauai, to California grown jojoba oil, all the ingredients bring nourishing love to the skin. The amber in the Venus Amber Body oil is a natural amber tree resin, and the cardamom in the Nectar Body Oil is reminiscent of the cardamom pods I remember as a child growing up in Persia. There are no chemicals or toxic preservatives used in the hand made products. Everything is made in a high vibrational studio with mantras, crystals, and flower essences to ensure the purity and quality of the line.