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Beauty Born From the Easts

Senteurs d’Orient’s story begins with Hana, whose journey took her from East to East, starting in Tokyo and finding its way to Beirut, Lebanon.

Inspired by the bathing rituals of the Far and Middle East, she aimed to create handcrafted soap that captures the Orient’s most treasured flowers, blossoms and senses for a unique bathing experience.

A company that gives back to women

Driven by female entrepreneurial spirit, Senteurs d’Orient is committed to keeping female empowerment at the heart of our brand.

We are proudly committed to employ women in every role, while the sale of our products support the education of women in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

It is in the heart of the soap-making region of the world that Senteurs d’Orient was born.

After two years of artisanal development, our soap is crafted fusing old traditional methods- including air-drying the soap- along with modern machineries, which allow us to create the finest soap base.

It's here, among the olives, vines and mimosas, in the luxuriousness of the Mediterranean —that each of our soap, made with the finest skincare ingredients; such as Shea butter, Glycerin and Vitamin E- are individually hand-crafted with optimal attention so that the therapeutic virtues of the aromas and ingredients are exalted during your bathing experience.

Wanting to offer products of the highest sensorial experience, we develop and distill the blossoms and flowers across the Orient with the world’s most renowned perfume masters recalling the sensuous atmosphere of the Orient.

Each fine fragrance is meticulously mixed with high concentration of pure essential oils, carefully and meticulously prepared to create the perfect balance between the senses and therapeutic benefits to relax both mind and body.