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My name is Jean Seo, and I am the creator of Evolue Skincare. In 2007 I opened the first eco-chic beauty boutique. Before 2007, there were other eco beauty stores, but they were very hippy. 2007 started the movement for high quality and effective beauty products. The movement focused on taking out harmful chemicals in our beauty products.

When I opened the store in 2007, I carried the best natural beauty brands around the world. But even then, many of my clients complained that they need better natural products for anti-aging.

So, with my master's degree in library science, I researched what makes us age. I wanted to use the best ingredients that keep us from aging in Evolue Skincare. What I found out was that our skin ages because of a depletion of a group of nutrients known as "Natural Moisturizing Factors". We droop because we lose collagen and elastin, we wrinkle because we lose sodium hyaluronate or Sodium-PCA. I also found that our skin gets thin and irritated because most products and procedures to get rid of dead and damaged skin is far too harsh for our skin. 

With this research, I went on a mission to source the best ingredients around the world that replace fatty acids, moisture, oils, collagen, and elastin that we lose with age. The collagen and elastin in Evolue Skincare are sourced from Madrid. Since it must be refrigerated, I fly overnight to Madrid and back to ensure freshness and quality. We use soluble collagen that is small enough to be more easily utilized by our skin (it's also paired with our low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate which functions as a great carrier molecule to deliver other ingredients deep into the skin). I negotiate with farms to gather early harvest first cold pressed jojoba oil. I go to Switzerland to gather the best lipids. I buy milk from New Zealand that is only auctioned off twice a year. Because I use only the best, I can only make small quantities of Evolue Skincare. For this reason, I only partner with honest and authentic partners who share my passion for excellence. 

Because I can only produce limited amount of Evolue Skincare, I created Lue for the world. Lue is made with same formulation as Evolue, but with more available and affordable ingredients. For example, Evolue Resurfacing Grains and Lue Erase have similar formulas, but different ingredients. The Resurfacing Grains is made with the best creme de la creme milk powder from New Zealand that is freeze dried to keep all it's nutrients and fats to nourish the skin. It is best for anti-aging. Lue's Erase is made with organic non-fat milk that is best for every day use, but not quite as nourishing.

Many people ask me about using animal derived ingredients in my brand. Let me begin by assuring you that we go above and beyond to ensure that ALL ingredients, plant or animal based, in Evolue are cruelty free and sustainably sourced. We coexist in a society which openly demonizes animal-based products. However, my mission is to bring you the best skincare possible, and at the end of the day, we humans have skin like animals; most plant-based 'Natural Moisturizing Factor' alternatives simply cannot measure up to the efficacy of their animal-based counterparts. 

One of the greatest issues of our century is the environmental and economical damage from un-sustainable production of animal-based products. That being said, the solution is not to indiscriminately cut out the use of animal-based ingredients all together - rather, we have to pick and choose the businesses we support, based on their ability to produce a sustainable and generally superior product. We refuse to shy away from the issue and pretend like it isn't a problem. It is, but supporting small scale, small businesses, which operate sustainably is part of the solution. 

As a small business owner committed to quality. sustainability, and efficacy, I know that while I may not be able to move the world quite yet, I can at the very least support fellow businesses that have the same values as I do. 

I hope you enjoy Evolue Skincare. I have worked 80 to 120 hours a week for the last decade fine tuning it. Thank you.

"Every product and ingredient has been tried, tested, retested, and then tested again. I evaluate the most obscure ingredients and products, so that you'll never have to. I go to the ends of the Earth to source the highest quality ingredients, to create the skincare line I can be proud of. 

I have followed my heart, never settled, and created the luxurious skincare line that you deserve. Remember, this may be the only life you live. Never compromise."

- Jean Seo