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“Every now and again, we come across a natural beauty product that we didn’t know just how much we needed until its existence. The new AMLY Silver Rich Facial Mist happens to be one of them – trust us on this: it is a game changer.” Imelda Burke – Content Beauty

This place held us from the start.
We came with our small tractor and big ideas,
to plant, forage, explore, breathe.

To reconnect and listen,
and discovered a source of silver-rich water in the organic earth deep below a wild-flower meadow’

Amly is the Old English name of our organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex. Two years ago we invited a renowned dowser to search for spring water under our land so that we could nourish our family, plants and animals with ‘living’ water. Thankfully, he sourced a natural supply of silver-rich water deep in the earth. Now it flows through our daily life, offering us the freshness, ritual, balm, clarity and wellbeing that we would like to share with you.

Synergising alchemical craft with pioneering biotechnology

We consciously blend into our silver-rich spring water unadulterated, natural and organic botanicals. Many of them have an inherent affinity with our organic wild-flower meadow and the ancient hedgerows of East Sussex, England. We enhance the formulation, infusing it with potent bioactive compounds, delivered at their highest possible concentration to ensure each ingredient delivers a therapeutic effect on the skin.

Flower waters are chosen because they interact with our silver-rich water to convey the vital fluid that flowed through the plant at the time of harvest and express the life force and genetic blueprint of the plant in every drop.

To obtain our organic flower waters and heighten their energy, we use a very slow and gentle hydro-distillation process.

The violet glass bottle increases the vitality and potency of our water by providing a natural filter that both protects and improves the quality of our formulation. Our FCS-certified packaging means that the pulp used is from managed forests and is fully recyclable and biodegradable as well as heavy-metal free.